Sexting Provokes Sexual Addiction



Today, I am going to explain with a story how sexting stimulates sexual addiction among the masses. These were the days when I was almost 28 and living with a friend of mine in urban areas. The friend of mine was a university student, and I was doing a job, but the guy I am about to share the story of was younger to me, almost 23. He was a handsome guy who always lived between the fair sex and was very popular with his friends.

One night, it was nearly 2 in the morning when I woke up to drink water as I felt my throat was getting totally dry. I stood up and entered the lounge, but I was shocked to see that my friend still awoke and busy on his cell phone. I drank three glasses of water to quench my thirst and knocked at his door. He had seen my entering kitchen, so he was not amazed when I knocked at the door. He opened the door and I went inside to sit on the chair. He looked at me as he was asking why I am here. I relaxed myself and told him to sit as well. I was wondering where to start my discussion but he helped me by telling that he was talking to his girlfriend on text messages.

I felt that he was a bit nervous so I decided to help him by talking about other things. I kept on discussing other miscellaneous matters and when I realized he is relaxed and calm; I stopped beating around the bush and asked him what he was talking about messages.  He told that he is addicted to sex and want to ditch but he can’t resist himself when he talks to his girlfriend because he loves him and she as well.

He was the remarks that it all started almost a year before when she convinced him to do sexting. He was not conversant with it at all but she helped him to kick it off and now he has no control over it. He has done with so many girls on text messages and even on calls too. Naturally, he was terribly addicted to sexual lust that only started with sexting. He asked me for help and I advised him to keep it away and try to control it gradually.

That night, I learned how sexting is eating out our new generations and they not only become physically paralyzed, but their mental abilities also get affected. The teen generation needs to be monitored with spying apps so that they can be kept away from all such stuff. The parents should be vigilant in keeping eyes over the instant messengers like Facebook, WhatsApp, Google Hangouts, Skype and other dating apps’ activities on their teens’ ends.

In a nutshell, sexting is very pernicious for all the teen generation regardless of their ages and natures. Once a guy tastes sexting, it becomes an open habit that the teens find hard to overcome. Keep your teens away from social media, dating websites and apps and especially keep strict eyes on the cell phone usage of your children by monitoring them through monitoring applications.


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