Christmas Sale TheOneSpy Software

TheOneSpy software announced a mega 50% discount offer on this Christmas. TheOneSpy is an ultimate cell phone monitoring and tracking software. The app is fully compatible with Android, iPhone, and Blackberry devices. Recently TheOneSpy software updated its new version with 130 plus monitoring and surveillance features. By adding these new updates it’ll become world’s first instant messenger’s spy app.

Check out the latest features inclusion:

Spy Video Camera:

Spy Video camera is the most advanced and powerful remote video surveillance feature included into the latest TheOneSpy Software update and popular with the name SPYVIDCAM. SpyVIDCam feature can remotely record short videos of 10 seconds to 3 mins on targeted Android cell phone and upload them on a secure control panel for user review.

SnapChat Screen Activity:

Screen activity of SnapChat app included into the latest update of TheOneSpy software. This feature can take screenshots of all the activities done on targeted cell phone’s SnapChat app. TheOneSpy app works silently in the background and records all the activities for user perusals.

KeyLoging Feature:

Keylogging is another astonishing feature updated into the latest version of TheOneSpy monitoring application. Keylogging feature can record every keystroke done on targeted Android cell phone and tablet device. TOS keylogger can create logs of Passwords keystrokes, Emails keystrokes, Instant messengers keystrokes and Mobile text messages keystrokes and then stores all the key logs on a secure control panel for the user review.

App lock / Unlock Remotely:

App block unblocks remotely included into the latest software upgrades. This feature works remotely and controls unnecessary gaming and dating applications on kids and teenagers’ smartphones to protect them from the harms of cyberbullying, cyberstalking and pedophilia.

50% Discount on Christmas Mega Sale:

As everything is green, TheOneSpy is evergreen on this Christmas with its 50% flat discount on everything. Yes, you read it right! It’s a great opportunity for worried parents and employers to grab world’s No.1 monitoring software on its half price and keep themselves worry less.


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